Anfaani's Expedition

Click on the pictures for larger view..... the color of the border lets you know if you have seen the picture already or not.

We visit a number of South Coast beaches... from left, Accra, Miami and Enterprise

We visit "The Cistern" on the cliffs between Atlantic Shores and Silver Sands.... and Anfaani is Fascinated with a Fish Pot

I photograph a Crab.... and Anfaani is Mystified by this Marvelous Moses under construction

Anfaani is Awe-struck by this fortress and the Black Belly sheep we observed along the way

The Bathers Rock caught Anfaani's attention as we drove through Bathsheba... and she was especially fond of this particular cow...

Finally we arrive at this ancient ruins... it is located in the Joes River Jungle


© copyright 2002 Stephen E. Mendes, Barbados.