Beautiful Beaches of Barbados

St. John - St. Andrew - St. James

10038 [41K] Martins Bay in St. John.

10039 [42K] Country folks enjoy the sea at beautiful Martins Bay, St. John.

10040[40K]Quiet Conset Bay in St. John is even more remote, but
this hideaway is not cut off from civilisation, thanks
to the satellite dish, nestled among the foliage.

10054 [47K]Conset Bay, St. John.

10085 [56K]Conset Bay, St. John.

10086 [35K]Conset Bay, St. John.

10041 [40K] Bath, St. John, a popular picnic spot with Bajans.

10045 [49K] Boscobel, St. Andrew.

10046 [36K] Morgan Lewis Beach, St. Andrew.

10047 [48K] Green Pond, St. Andrew.

10048 [41K] Sandy Lane, St. James.

10049 [48K] St. James.

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