Coles Cave and Jack-in-the-Box Gully

This cave expedition took place on Nov. 30, 1999....
organized by the St Thomas Parish Independence Committee..... it was a pleasant change from parades and sporting activities which are normal Independence fare... and I was determined to get some photos of the cave.
Only a small crew gathered for the event, even though it had been advertised in the NATION newspaper ... here we wait around to see if anybody else is going to show up.... we started near to the entrance of Harrison's Cave, which is the "official" tourist attraction

From there we moved through the natural jungle and gully... while our guide pointed out various plants and features of the terrain.

The descent into the cave entrance looked too dangerous and several of our crew got "cold feet" and decided to wait for us there... I was disappointed because this meant we would have to return the same way we went in... since the cave labyrinth has several exits... I was hoping for a more extensive tour

Dripping water, containing calcium and other sediments.... and TIME, lots of time, like THOUSANDS of YEARS ! what it takes to produce scenes like these.... callous indifference on the part of humans, can destroy something older than mankind in seconds.... sadly the government will eventually have to secure these caves in the national interest... or they will be destroyed, as more and more people decide to visit them

The water in these caves is part of our island's DRINKING WATER supply..... CONTAMINATION should be a real concern for the authorities... hopefully BEFORE it is too late !

I am willing to carry interested persons on tours... (after all, if I don't do it somebody else will !)... but PLEASE.. PROTECT OUR ENVIRONMENT - Do not DISCARD your RUBBISH while exploring our nature habitat... and use BIO-DEGRADABLE products, as much as possible, in your everyday life... for the good of our WORLD, thank you for your co-operation !

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