The Return to Coles Cave

This expedition took place on May 9, 2002....
organized by Nick Parker, in association with Trekkers, to promote a new eco-tour operation for the cruise ships
If you wish to tour the cave write to
Below I give you a photo tour of the cave.... but come with us and take your own cave photos.
We make our way through the jack-in-the-box gully, limestone and coral formations and all manner of tropical vegetation can be seen here

We lower ourselves into the giant hole in the earth, this is the point where the faint hearted usually quit.... it is a bit nasty going in, there are millipedes, spiders, crichets, flies... and lots of bats.... and the smell of damp bat dung hangs in the air... this is a tour for the ADVENTUROUS Indiana-Jones type of person

making our way through the cave involves climbing over rock, crawling under rock and wading through water.... the water level is at it's lowest at this time of year, but it is still deep enough in certain places to require swimming or else climbing around or over... the FLASHBACK to 1999 expedition shows this cavern with water in it.... notice the high water mark on the wall is above the guys head !

Deeper inside the cave the water is pure, the air is clean and very humid and nothing lives.... no insects, no moss or slime... no life

The water in these caves is part of our island's DRINKING WATER supply

PROTECT OUR ENVIRONMENT - Do not DISCARD your RUBBISH while exploring our nature habitat... thank you for your co-operation !

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