The Israel Lovell Foundation is a registered charity founded in 1990. The organisation is named after the Pan Africanist Israel Lovell who originated from a working class background. He was born in the district of Workmans, St George around 1881 and later moved to My Lords Hill in St. Michael. He was a leading patriotic activist for social, educational and economic change in the 1930's. Israel Lovell is best known for his active participation in the social revolution of 1937.

The organisation was formed to cater to the needs of marginalized persons in our communities, who were experiencing poverty, sub-standard education, lack of marketable skills and persons who have been isolated from the mainstream of civil society.

The Objectives of the organisation are to uplift the quality of life of people in the immediate community and the surrounding areas, through educational, cultural, entrepreneurial, physical and self-development programmes.

The Foundation is involved in:

The Arts and Crafts departments offer courses in:
The Educational departments offer courses in:
The Cultural departments offer training in:

The Foundation's programmes are financed through fundraising ventures, subscriptions,grants and donations from business houses and individuals. The Foundation also benefits from professionals, skilled persons and resourceful volunteers who provide their services in various capacities.

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