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Steve Wright, knew he would be coming to Barbados and he did an Internet search on "camping" on the island...... he found our pages, and was fascinated by our unknown soldiers camping in the jungle.... so he contacted us via email, asking about camp sites.

Steve is attached to the HMCS Halifax, a Canadian war ship, which docked in Barbados after playing war games with the allied forces.

Steve invited us onboard and he also went with Amos and myself on an expedition.

Below are a few photos (and more will be put up eventually)..... we stopped in Bathsheba, known internationally by the world's best surfers... and we watched a few guys do their stuff

Amos (who has been involved with our expeditions since 1996) now has the looks that send the ladies wild with desire (so eat your heart out, ladies !).... Steve brought along a cooler with him, and was drinking constantly, being unaccustomed to our climate

Tourists are always fascinated with our Whistling Frogs, these little fellas sing whenever it rains...... but this little guy sought refuge in my shower, because of the drought and the aweful heat......PLEASE do not hurt them, they are completely harmless, and it never ceases to amaze me how humans can be so cruel to God's creatures


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