Andre's Expedition on February 1, 2004

Click on the pictures for larger view..... the color of the border lets you know which ones you have already seen:

NOTE: I took these pictures with a Nikon Coolpix 5700, I am not impressed with them..... but it may not be a problem with the camera.... the pictures were taken in hash sunlight and the sun was directly overhead, except for the last few, which were taken in the evening. I have included 4 test photos which reveal that the camera has good detail and color... if there are any viewers who have used this particular camera and would like to comment... then ... please... send me an email.

I took these test photos to check the quality of the camera.... the fisrt 2 where taken with time exposure under florescent light.... the other 2, in the early morning light.... notice that detail and color are good... and the camera's exposure system is functioning correctly.

The expedition:


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