Dash Valley and Pets

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Check these CRICKET PHOTOS..... HERE

The highway now runs through Dash Valley (it's taking ages to finish the other end of it)... the last photo shows the roundabout (in the direction St. George Secondary school) in the distance.... Dash Valley is rolling farmlands... mostly sugar cane and root crops

Isabel and Cindy.... Cindy is the one with the heart shaped tag that my wife gave her after she came back home (she had wandered away and went missing for two weeks).... Cindy is nice... Isabel is a wop.... Isabel is naughty, she does bad things, like chew up stuff... she digs holes in the garden and then climbs in the bed all muddy... nobody likes Isabel.. Isabel has serious mental problems

This is Baboo.... Baboo is always climbing into boxes and cupboards and getting shut in.... then we have to go looking for her (when we discover she is missing)....

This is Marigold.... Marigold hair is always dropping out..... so my wife feeds her homones.... and she eats and eats and eats.... you should see her when she comes through the kitchen window and jumps onto the counter... brug-a-dung.... she so heavy that she broke the wooden support.... it truly pathetic... but what can I do ?

The oleander is in bloom and I couldnt resist taking another picture (even though I got tons of them already)


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