Easter Expedition 2004

Click on the pictures for larger view..... the color of the border lets you know which ones you have already seen:

The New Life Family Fellowship church went to Barclays Park on Easter Sunday for an excursion.... and I was invited to take the photos

Food and drink figured prominently in the proceedings

Conversation was also included... along with hair braiding

There were a couple of casualties... but even after eating, the young still had boundless energy for games

Then there was CRICKET.... I don't know "B" from "Bullsfoot" about Cricket.... but scientifically speaking, it's simply a matter of hitting a ball with a stick.... so as the photographer, I tried to capture the ball (and the boy) in full flight

Three more pictures of my favorite heroes

Boys can't resist swinging in trees

And no party is complete without the dog crew

But EASTER is also a time for flying kites..... so it's quite appropriate to put my Mile-and-a-Quarter posse on my Easter page


© copyright 2004 Stephen E. Mendes, Barbados.