Christmas 2002 in Queen's Park

Click on the pictures for larger view..... the color of the border lets you know if you have seen the picture already or not.

SOME of these photos are taken with a Sony Mavica MVC-CD1000 Digital Camera.... I will be using more digital cameras in 2003... in an effort to speed up the production process and get the pictures to my audience in a more timely fashion.

The first thing we see as we walk to Queen's Park is a sea of cars as people converge on the area.... then as we enter the gates, there are the young men playing their Classic Christmas football game

On the opposite side of the road, by the fountain, photographers are busy taking peoples picture for money.... Queens Park is a place to strut high fashion on Christmas Morning.... and everybody (except the footballers, vagrants and myself) is dolled to the tee in the finest of threads !

From toddlers to elders.... they are all making a FASHION STATEMENT !

Entertainment is provided by the Police Band first, who always play in the Gazebo (they had packed up and were on their way OUT when I arrived)..... then the band Promise backing various local gospel singers, who always play in the courtyard behind the art gallery.

The audience listens with great attention to these musical offerings.... while a few tourists observe the goings-on with Absolute Awe And Amazement !

of course, the young cannot sit still for very long..... and there are all sorts of other interests to catch their attention


© copyright 2002 Stephen E. Mendes, Barbados.