St. Lucy Expedition

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The first 3 pictures are taken between Crabhill and Archer's Bay (these locations are shown on all maps of Barbados)..... flat rolling grassland and steep hillsides characterize the western side of St. Lucy...

The village of Crabhill, where local residents can get a view comparable to that of any multimillion dollar West Coast property.

The little beach at Stroud Bay, local residents don't get on snobbish when you wish to visit it, unlike certain OTHERS..... for meditation and solitude, it's a great place to go.

This is the remains of a "sea egg" meal... I have no other pictures of the "sea egg" at present but I will be sure to take some for you when the opportunity occurs.... because of wanton over-farming, laws have been enacted to protect the sea-egg from extinction...

Here are some pictures of Archer's Bay... and you can see more HERE and HERE... and an aerial photo HERE ...this is also a nice spot to chill out when you are tired of being around people

The two little beaches at Cluffs are only visited by the most determined of tourists, but are used by residents of the area.... when I visited them there was not a person in sight.... I am so glad that Town and Country Planning moved to protect them for Bajans.... in fact all of us must be vigilant to ensure that our beach access rights are not trampled down in Barbados


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