New Photos for June 2003

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MANY MORE PICTURES....... HERE..... Have you seen them ?

This Bajan Snail (up close and personal)..... symbolises the way webmaster has been updating your photos recently... painfully SLOW

This Bajan Horse (longtime icon of speed and stamina).... symbolises the way webmaster would like to be updating the Barbados Photo Gallery in the future.... but as our horse tethered in a wilderness of bush and left unattended by caring hands, likewise so we wallow in a morass of conflicting concerns and precocious priorities.

I furnished my stepson with a film and camera... and look what came back.... the Biker Beat.... what fun !
Surely some of our viewers want to explore the nooks and crannies of Barbados from the seat of a "scrambler"
Recently Racing and off-road biking and 4X4 events have been fashionable.... and rising in popularity
Below I bring you the first installment..... I await your feedback and comments

and here are two of my photos to round out your day


© copyright 2003 Stephen E. Mendes, Barbados.