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23rd January 2014
- Tribute to Crystal Cave and Congor Bay
26th December
- Flowers, hiking and wedding
7th October
- striped caterpillar, money, sea turtle, moth, geko, sunset, cat, moon, lagoon nebula, butterfly cluster- Coles Cave Expedition
31st August
- Comprehensive Tourist Guide to St. Lawrence Gap
19th August
- SPISE 2013, assorted hiking photos, natural Barbados fruit trees
10th August
- Cropover photos, sunset, Port Ferdinand and assorted hiking photos
2nd August
- Some West Coast beaches and recent photo from trip to Graham Hall Swamp (a.k.a. former Nature Sanctuary)
25th July
- Almond Beach and Dover Beach, an unusual lizard and the SPISE 2013 students
16th July
- Barbados Super-Sizing Buildings craze... Nero fiddles and Rome burns!
10th July
- Congor Bay, human-face termite nest, flowers, sugar apple, rock strata
7th June
- Recent wedding... Gizzy photos... crown spider... Hillaby
24th April 2013
- Return to Andromeda.... CHANGES for the future!
26th December
- Christmas fashions in Queen's Park
10th December
- sunset, night lights, cricket hikers, car-in-tree
21st October
- sunset, sunrise, hiking, aerials, SPISE electronics
27th August
- Wildlife Reserve, ISCF camp, Dark Hole road repair, SPISE 2012
12th June
- Cliff sets, moonlight photos, water photos
5th May
- Aerial photos of coastline, Repair of collapsed road, Cute Cat
22nd March
- Codrington College, Hiking, Collapsed road
13th January 2012
- Hawthorne Church Chrismas Progam and other scenes of Barbados from December Hiking expeditions
25th December
- Christmas Day in Queens Park and Lights around Barbados
15th December
- Beaches, gold coconuts, kittens, fungus, cliffs of St. Lucy
9th October
- Sea turtle, sunset, child model, tourist hike
25th August
- August photos
21st July
- Tribute to Andromeda Botanic Gardens
27th May
- Latest Tourist Wedding
30th March - 6th April
- More Flowers, Sunset and nature photos - also Modelling
27th February
- Flowers, Sunset and Sunrise, Lion and Chalky Mount
28th January 2011
- Sunbury Plantation House and a Wedding
27th November
- Aerial Photos of Barbados Beautiful Beaches
4th November
- Bruce Vale river, Sam Lords Castle, storm Tomas, etc.
25th September
- Flowers from mother's funderal... frames from video camera
8th August
- Cropover 2010 photos from video camera
31st July
- photos from new Canon VIXIA HF S20 video camera
12th June
- Photos of cliff fall at Foul Bay, Silk-cotton tree, Miami beach, Mexican Rose
26th May
- Blackberry 9700 [Bold 2] cellphone photos
27th April
- photos of Congor Bay, Pothouse, Welchtown and Bath
1st March
- Colin Hudson Great Train Hike 2010 - PART 2
23rd February
- Colin Hudson Great Train Hike 2010 - PART 1
23rd January 2010
- CAVE photos and tourist wedding with Nazarene choir
26th December
- Christmas in Barbados 2009
25th October
- Caves, Sharks Hole, Weddings
23rd September
- Tribute to Ocean Park
16th August
- Crop Over 2009
17th July
- Tribute to Harrisons Cave
10th June
- Tribute to the Boardwalk
16th May
- Beaches of Barbados from the air & assorted images
6th March
- Barbados Wildlife Reserve & assorted images
19th January 2009
- Expedition to Mendes cave and Mapp's cave
20th November
- Graham Hall Nature Sanctuary
6th October 2008
- October's selection... recent weddings
14th August 2008
- Monkey Jump Hiking Adventure
24th June 2008
- Off-Road tourist Wedding Adventure
13th May 2008
- Coles Cave Exploration
15th April 2008
- Church picnic to Three Houses spring
6th February 2008
- February Exhibition
18th January 2008
- January 2008 Exhibition
22th November
- November Exhibition
7th October
- Various scenes
19th July / 14th Aug
- Aerials and nature photos from hiking expeditions
5th May / 7th June
- Photos from HARP and May Day holiday - photos from hiking expeditions
18th March 2007
- Photos from second Hillaby trip - aerials - wedding
30th January 2007
- First trip to Hillaby, photos of Errol Barrows statue
21st October
- St. Andrew expedition - modelling photos - wedding
12th August
- Safari tour - Grand Kadooment
4th July
- Landscapes - Kyaking Championship - Church Picnic - Beach erosion
27th March 2006
- Informal Modelling - Facial Study - Wedding - Aerials
14th November
- Models and modelling - Beach Wear and Formal Wear
24th August
- Crop Over Exhibition
4th July
- July's Exhibition
7th April
- Fosters land, Eden, Bayland, Beaches
5th January, 2005
- Christmas in Queens Park, aerial photos and latest wedding
17th October
- Bicycle stunts, aerial flight and some nature and portrait photos
27th August
- Cropover 2004 photos
22nd July
- Harrisons Cave, Spooners Hill, Salters, Lower Estate, Carrington Village
15th May
- Mile-and-a-quarter and cave in St. Philip
15th April
- Easter Expedition 2004
8th April
- Dash Valley and Pets
15th March
- Andre's Expedition
12th February 2004
- Alexander and Tina's wedding
25th December
- Christmas Day parade on Bay Street
9th November
- NOKIA Cellphone camera and Harry Bayley Observatory
22nd October
- BPG Party and various other scenes
20th August
- Digital snapshots of Grand Kadooment 2003
28th July
- Digital snapshots of the Wet Fete 2003
24th June
- Biker Beat and Snail
27th May
- Digital snapshots of Garrison area and Brownes Beach
6th April
- more inland aerial photos and weddings
2nd February
- Aerial Pictures - Inland views of St. Michael, Christ Church and St. Philip
1st January 2003
- Christmas Morning in Queens Park
28th November
- Flight to Navy Gardens, Garrison, Hastings and environs
4th November
- Flights to St. Lucy and St. Philip
18th October
- More Aerial photos from August 27 flight
18th October
- Reggie and Christina's Wedding
4th September
- Beach and Aerial photos
22st August
- Anfaani's Expedition
5th August
- More photos along the cliffs in St. Lucy
21st July
- Aerial photos of Harrison College
19th July
- Aerial photos for Speightstown and Port St. Charles
18th July
- Aerial photos for Atlantic Shores to Foul Bay
10th July
- St. Lucy photos added
1st July
- More West Coast Highway photos added
30th June
- North to North-West Aerial photos added
20th June
- West Coast Highway photos added
17th June
- More East Coast aerial photos added
10th June
- More East Coast aerial photos added
3rd June
- South Coast aerial photos added
27th May
- East Coast aerial photos added
16th May
- More aerial West Coast photos added
12th May
- The Return to Coles Cave
7th May
- Aerial photos of the West Coast
2nd April
- Sunset, beach, rumshop,spider
10th February
- An Island Safari tour
16th January 2002
- Aerial photos of St. Michael, Christ Church and St. Philip
6th December
- Exhibition of the Israel Lovell Foundation
27th November
- Graduation Ceremony of the Israel Lovell Foundation
5th November
- Posse Party, Batts Rock and Paragon
12th July
- Lizard and sea cave in St. Lucy
2nd July
- In memorial to: Joseph and Sheridene
14th June
- Bill Wolfe and his beautiful bride, Kim, tie the knot in BARBADOS !
13th May
- Kung-fu pictures added
9th May
- Photos going in here daily for now
15th April
- Kiddies Kadooment, Cropover 2000, 28 new photos
12th April
- 11 photos, from expedition HMCS Halifax
5th March
- 11 photos, horse racing, kung-fu and more
25th February
- 39 pictures of our historic parish churches
19th January 2001
- 11 photos - MORE Queen's Park + 3 photos of the moment
31st December
- 25 photos - Christmas in Queen's Park
5th December
- 38 photos - independence march - night lights and my new dog
10th November
- Andrews factory and some flowers
25th October
- 4 pictures of Lakes, St. Andrew
22nd October
- various assorted scenes 8 pictures added
10th October
- Cropover 2000 , 13 more pictures from Kiddies Kadooment
29th September
- MORE Beautiful Beaches of Barbados
19th September
- Bajans do Bad in Brooklyn [photos by D. Johnston]
11th September
- UNDERSEA photos added
2nd September
- pictures of SUPER BEACHES added
24th August
- pictures from Kiddies Kadooment costumes and bands
16th August
- pictures from Cohhoblopot and a few from Kiddies kadooment
12th August
- pictures from Grand Kadooment
1st August
- Wedding pictures added
23rd July
- Added pictures of Animal Flower Cave
16th July
- Added new pictures of Kings Beach and Mullins Beach

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