The Future of Barbados Photo Gallery

You have been wondering about this Barbados Photo Gallery, so many months and no new Photos ?

You are about to get HD quality that you can run as a slideshow on your huge widescreen TV

YES... that's right !.... a radical departure from how "I did things in the past"

The world has moved on.... "SMART" tv's now connect to the internet.... and even if yours does not, you can always get an Apple TV box (or a Roku box) for very little money.... of course, if you are a Home Theater buff you will probably own a Denon or Marantz AV Receiver... and these also connect to the internet directly.

Although many of these do NOT come with "web browsers", virtually ALL of them have a "Flickr" App.

By putting my HD content on Flickr and linking back to it right here on Barbados Photo Gallery.... EVERYBODY gets to see HUGE beautifully crafted photos... you all will continue to get bigger and better photos right here on the website.... and all those SMART TV and Home Theater owners can watch my photos on their HUGE screens in either "slideshow" or "screensaver" mode.

Don't you agree this is taking Barbados (Photo Gallery) to the NEXT level ? ..... feel free to write me, or call, I love to hear from my viewers !

Stay tuned to this page.... because I am adding photos to it all through today !... and they will appear below....

An accident on the Hastings main road.... it occured around 4:00 A.M. on March 29 and the car travelling in the direction of Bridgetown lost control and struck the pole, grazed the wall and spun around in the road.... another car was also struck and this is the one that you see in the photo.... the car in the middle of the road had been removed by the time I returned with my camera... the surrounding area was without electricity for about half a day

My photography students went to Andromeda Botanic Gardens for their field trip on April 19.... I took these photos while we were there

Here two of my students are photographing the waterfall

The first photo is at a slower shutter speed so it blurs the water (but the camera has to be kept very steady to avoid blurring the rocks and background)... the second photo should ideally be a very fast shutter speed so as to freeze the water but due to the failing light of the late evening that was not possible.

On another field trip we went to the South Coast Boardwalk and spent some time photographing the fire of the gas lamps in front of the Tapas restaurant

I took these water photos on the Boardwalk in better light.... but the "frozen" water (second photo) is still not quite as impressive as this one ..... HERE... where the water has truly become "ice".

Click HERE for Flick Hi-Def Showcase.... "thru the years" slideshow of the Barbados Photo Gallery.... please note this is a "work in progress" and it will take some time to transfer all the photos (there are about 150 of them) in this album

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