Tourist Wedding with a Difference

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I combined wedding photography with a scenic off-road nature tour... check out these photos and then book your wedding adventure !

The couple relaxing in their Hilton hotel room overlooking beautiful Carlisle Bay:

Loading their luggage into my SUV.... this luxury SUV is the perfect vehicle to carry visitors into the wilderness for scenic photos.... in complete airconditioned comfort:

The brief Ceremony at the Magistrate's Court:

The lady alights from the luxurious SUV.... and the awesome scenery calls for a champagne toast:

The smoke rises from a grass fire raging in the valley below near Turners Hall forest:

The couple examine the rock strata at Chalky Mount:

The rock shapes at Bathsheba also attract their attention:

Seeing a banana tree for the first time:

The shanty and view from Ocean Spray Farms in St.John

More romantic photo moments... top of Hackleton's Cliff:

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