JUNE 2010

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Beautiful Beach Scenes

St Gabriel's goes Crane Beach and Sharks Hole (see MORE PHOTOS of this HERE and HERE)

With a loud noise the cliff broke off and fell into the sea... this happened at Foul Bay, St. Philip... no one was injured and no houses damaged:

An ancient Silk-Cotton tree (among one of the oldest trees on Barbados) has now become a "nuisance" to residents of Greens, St. George... once a year it drops its "pods" ... releasing loads of "fluff" that goes everywhere.... environmentalists and nature lovers are begging that the tree be preserved..... since it was there, long before the disgruntled residents were born

Bridgetown by night... just two photos at this time (Independence and Christmas are when buildings are most beautifully lighted)... as part of training for my students, we went to Bridgetown at night for some "time-exposure" practice:

Another photo of my Mexican rosebush... this one exploits harsh sunlight... which makes the colors more vibrant

As part of their practical work for my photography student class... we all took photos of these "mating fire ants" on one of our nature expeditions

Use of natural frames is demonstated in this photo.... taken at Enterprise, Christ Church

Miami Beach... at Enterprise, Christ Church... this photo demonstates how lines are properly used to lead the EYE into a photo

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