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The Colin Hudson GREAT TRAIN HIKE is put on by the Barbados National Trust, and sponsored by Butterfield Bank, once every year (on the 3rd Sunday in February) in memory of Dr. Colin Hudson, who pioneered hiking on Barbados..... and by his vast knowledge of both the island history and the local plants.... he taught Barbadians about their own island (even though he was not originally from Barbados)

PART 2.... Conset Bay to the End

The scenery did not change much till we reached the coast..... canefield after canefield after canefield.... as the sun got hotter and hotter and the crowd thinned and stretched out for miles along the trail.... and by the time we reached Conset Bay.... there were no crowds anymore...... just single individuals or friends walking together as shown below

In Conset Bay a new challenge awaited the hikers.... they were expected to clamber over the rocks on the coastline between Conset Bay and Bath..... this was the route of the railway but the sea has reclaimed the land and over the years the erosion of the coastline now puts the train tracks in the sea.... some weary hikers just could not handle this... and a few groups went inland to the hills below Codrington College, getting lost in the process... but most of the experienced hikers (those who had done this hike before) headed out across the rocks as seen in the photos below

A hiker stretches out the cramps along the trail in Congor Bay

In the wilderness of Congor Bay it is quite easy to get lost.... but the Barbados National Trust had tied markers along the route

The hikers in Martins Bay..... some of these joined the hike in Bath... very few people are able to complete the whole 25 miles.... and each year some people only do a part of it

The hikers stretched out along the trail between Martins Bay and Three Boys Rock

The hikers stretched out between Bird Rock and Bathsheba

The dangerous part where the trail has been eroded on the edge of the cliff can be quite a challenge particularly when it is wet...... but the young hikers make it through safely.... with just a little slipping and sliding

The tourist hikers take a break in the shade..... near the Atlantis Hotel... every year tourists come from far and wide to participate in our Great Train Hike.... why not join us next year ?

The children wanted water ...... but the tap was dry

There is much rejoicing at the finish in Belleplaine.... and the names of victorious hikers (who have completed the entire 25 miles) are carefully recorded for the awards

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