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The Colin Hudson GREAT TRAIN HIKE is put on by the Barbados National Trust, and sponsored by Butterfield Bank, once every year (on the 3rd Sunday in February) in memory of Dr. Colin Hudson, who pioneered hiking on Barbados..... and by his vast knowledge of both the island history and the local plants.... he taught Barbadians about their own island (even though he was not originally from Barbados)

PART 1.... Independence Square to Bulkeley Factory... the FIRST 6 MILES

A large crowd of people was assembled by 6:00 a.m. and we moved along River Road and through Carrington Village in a lively manner

By the time we reached Welches the sun was coming up and I was able to get better photos..... we go through a Storm Drain..... heading towards Back Ivy

We emerge victorious by the Norman Niles Roundabout and head through Rouen

We pass through the sugar cane fields to the back of Dash Valley and reach Constant as the first-time (unaccustomed) hikers begin to flag

We reach the Oasis (water truck) at the Bulkeley Factory where some people flop down to rest.... the young and fit (and those who have been training for this event) simply keep going because they know that the sun is soon going to get very hot and they want to put as many miles behind them as possible before that happens

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