New Photos for October 2003

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To request Photography or purchase picture use rights, write to or call: 1 246 266-8027

MANY MORE PICTURES....... HERE..... Have you seen them ?

THIS OFFERING IS TEMPORARY.... and does not reflect the quality of the photography found on the Barbados Photo Gallery
This page willl SELF-DESTRUCT in approximately 2 days..... and be replaced by something that does justice to this great website
Thank you for your patience

Some photos from 1999 that never made it to the Barbados Photo Gallery.... until now:

The 2003 BPG Party Pics came out dark and mungy..... a DISGRACE to the Barbados Photo Gallery... they will only be in here for a few days, just for those who are tormenting me to see them:

My stepson..... flying through the air on a motorcycle:


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