Barbados Photo Gallery - August 2013 photos

I want everybody to realize that I am now SERIOUS about WEEKLY UPDATES to the Barbados Photo Gallery, therfore I went out and took these photos Yesterday.... I have the GPS co-ordinates for these photos and I am going to find a way to relate these photos to my Barbados aerial map which I am working on.... futhermore, all the "Public Access-to-Beach" locations will be fully documented for the benefit of both locals and visitors... it is my intention to make this website the Most Definitive Guide to Barbados, and because this is not being done by "paying advertisers", it will be more HONEST and HELPFUL to everybody.... even if it takes a little longer for me to complete it... Check Back often, or if you prefer to be notified of the changes as they occur then FOLLOW on TWITTER.. HERE

Photos added 19 August 2013:

Photos added 10 August 2013:

Photos added 2 August 2013:

Click HERE for Flick Hi-Def Showcase.... "thru the years" slideshow of the Barbados Photo Gallery

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