Christmas 2009

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Below you will find more of my Christmas 2009 photos..... the promised "night-lights" and a few others that I hope you will like..... I am truly sorry I could not get them up before, but I was under stress to complete the marking of exam scripts for the UWI

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While others dress up for the fashion show, the Football Crew can be seen every year playing their game on the play field

... and the Police keep a watchful eye on the crowd.... although people are in a good mood on Christmas Day, they are not taking any chances

no disability will spoil Christmas Day.... it is determination to be in Queens Park

Young and old... and everybody in between... come out to make a fashion statement.... this is the history and culture of Queens Park on Christmas Morning

.... and the photographers are there to take their photos on this special occasion... with an assortment of professional cameras and expensive lenses

There is always something to eat in Queens Park on Christmas morning....

and the people are entertained, first by the Police Band... and afterwards by the popular Gospel group "Promise"

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If you see your photo(s) above, or on my Flickr and Facebook albums, call 230-4818 to get prints

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