Tribute to the Boardwalk

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The Boardwalk stretches from Accra Beach to the Pavillion Court... it is just under a mile in length.... on this page I give you a virtual tour and wish that you would visit us someday and walk it for yourself:
Starting from the Accra Beach side... there is the sign, a view of Accra Beach (showing the end of the boardwalk) and then a view looking down the length of the boadwalk:

As we start to walk we come to the first seating area, near to the Healthy Horizons apartments.... quality budget accomodation for Nature Lovers and a special deal that includes my Hiking and Adventure tours, so you can book an Eco-adventure holiday that will not cause you stress in your wallet.

Moving along .... we come to the Boardwalk Bar and Grill... a thriving business that caters to the boardwalkers

Next we reach the Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet..... Americans will feel right at home when they see the effigy of Colonel Harland Saunders emblazoned on the portico

From here we look toward Hastings Rocks

The water is so inviting that I just had to take a photo..... hopefully it will cause you to reach for your telephone and call your travel agent

You can buy Chinese food opposite the open lot where the Regency Cove hotel once stood

As we look back towards Accra.... you can see the third seating area (in the foreground by Hastings Rocks) and the second seating area (by Kentucky Fried Chicken) in the background

In this photo we see Bajan Workmen .... hard at work... on the boardwalk

We then come upon primary school children (I suppose they are being taught all about boardwalks)

If you have millions to invest.... why not buy this old hotel at the bottom of Hastings Rocks (and right next to the fourth seating area).... this view is looking towards Hastings Rocks

Turning around we continue to head down the Boardwalk... and as you can see it passes an open area (adjacent to the road) where buildings have been demolished

Finally we reach the end of the Boardwalk.... which has the ultimate seating area from which people watch the sun going down

You can see 4 more of my Boardwalk Photos in my photo album on Flickr..... HERE

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