Comprehensive Tourist Guide to St. Lawrence Gap, Barbados

The names of the businesses have been placed on the buildings in these aerial photos. The photos follow sequentially from the the Entrance (1) to the Exit (8). The photos overlap and so in some cases, a business may appear in two photos

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Below is a list of photos showing the current on-the-ground entrance to each business

Cafe Sol
Apsara Samudra
The Old Jamm Inn
South Gap Hotel
Harlequin Dining
Philippes Art Gallery
Jobu's Sports Bar & Restaurant
Mistle Cove
The Gap's Convenience Store
Mirabelle Apartments
Waterside Restaurant
Southern Palms Beach Club
Jade Garden Chinese Restaurant
St. Lawrence Pizza Hut
Steak House Grill
Oriental Dining
Pablo Donte's Bar & Restaurant
Silver Fox Arcade
Couples Barbados
Turtle Beach
Meridian Inn
Dover Beach Hotel
Infinity House
Ocean 15
Bonanza Apartments
Aqualoc Corporation
Ocean 2
WSB Villas & Salt Ash Apartment Hotel
The Dover Market
Terraces Condos
Monterey Apartment Hotel
Maresol Beach Apartments
The Straw Shop
Four Aces
Time Out Hotel
Reggae Lounge
Pun De grill
The Old Jamm inn
Rush Restaurant
Sugar Ultra Lounge
Jan-Frank Cocktail Bar
Craft Tent
Escape at the Gap
Time Out Hotel
Sapphire Beach
Pisces Restaurant
Rostrevor Hotel 1
Rostrevor Hotel 2

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