Tribute to Ocean Park

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This is my ..... TRIBUTE TO OCEAN PARK .... and it is the least I could do.... to preserve in photos a lasting memory of all their hard work and their efforts to save what is truly good about our planet.

Behind the scenes - Ocean Park requires a full-time marine biologist to care for the needs of its many inhabitants..... and here we see the laboratory.... and the quarantine area to which fish are moved when they get sick.

Ocean Park also contains a walk-through aviary.... with beautiful birds, now nesting in boxes..... while iguanas play on the rocks below

Behind the scenes - pumps, filters, temperature regulators and electronic control systems keep the water just right..... so the fish will be happy and healthy.... as you would imagine, Ocean Park has an astronomically high electric bill

Interlude - a dragon fly pauses on leaf over the outdoor pond (see Img_7113)

The Shoreline Discovery Pod is shown in the next 26 images..... both the contents of the aquariums and the rooms in which they are contained

The Classroom where children can learn about fish and the marine environment

The sting rays in the ray pool glide gracefully in and out of the shallow area

The sharks and other fish swim around the shipwreck in the Ocean Encounter

The Living Reef was going to have an "undersea" walk through tunnel..... children will never get to see it now.... because of the closure

The Rocky Coasts exhibit has a machine to make waves every few minutes.... as schools of fish swim past the viewports

What will happen to all the fish and marine life at Ocean Park ?..... when the lights finally go out..... and the pumps no longer run...... is there anybody who cares ?... is there anybody who can help ?..... on a larger scale, what will happen to the fish and marine life in the worlds oceans.... when all the radioactive waste they have been dumping in the sea for years outlasts the supposedly "safe" containers they put it in.... humans have the power to destroy the Earth..... is there anybody to save Ocean Park ?

The Freshwater Falls and Mangrove Pond

The pirate sits immobile on his treasure chest..... unable to offer any help whatsoever as his Ocean Park collapses all around him

Who will teach Barbadian children to love nature and the environment ? ..... now that both Ocean Park and Graham Hall Nature Sanctuary are no more....

The seahorse sentinels no longer spout water for happy children to play under

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