March 2009 Exhibition

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We start with a beautiful West Coast Beach... to admire and inspire

Then flora and fauna of the caves
This cave spider lives its entire life in complete darkness... it cannot respond to light because it cannot see... it has other sensors for finding food and interacting with its environment

and here is a Cave Epiphyte that we discovered

Here is a photo of a mushroom-like plant that was living in complete darkness

Here is a photo of Richard Goddard trying to fit through the small opening near the roof of the cave through which we entered and exited

Here is a photo of the RECKER DANCE TROUPE ... I promised the guys it would make the next upload

A congregation of Fire Ants.... a spiders web.... and my photography students diligently completing their field-trip on location

The dust worm makes his house of dust.... and can emerge from either end to pull it along

A trip to the Barbados Wildlife Reserve was an assignment for my photog students.... naturally I took my own photos so they would have some idea of what was expected of them

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