May Photos

Coastline photos of our beautiful island:


West Coast Boardwalk

The stalled Four Seasons Hotel project at Batts Rock... a victim of the economic recession

beautiful Accra Beach on the South Coast (and just 5 minutes walk from my home)

the twin piers at Oistins town (also on the south coast of the island)

Repairs in progress on the COLLAPSED ROAD in Whitehill, St. Andrew (see our December/January photos for the original report):

Living with a full house of cats, cute photos are bound to occur, call STEPHEN MENDES for "cat photo" needs.... I give you this one at larger photo size, and remind you that my photos on this site can be purchased at VERY HIGH RESOLUTION for whatever purpose you might require

Thanks to all the people who called and wrote about the ZEBRA from last photo set.... it's great to know you appreciate the photos... and if there is anything you want me to take a photo of just send in your request !

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