Barbados Photo Gallery - June 2013 photos

Every cat has it's own unique ways.... Gizzy only drinks running water from the pipe and sleeps as high-up as he can get.... formerly we had Marigold who liked to curl up in dishes

A few photos from most recent wedding... YES... I am STILL a wedding photographer(whenever I can get a wedding)

My photo students did a night field-trip in Bridgetown... and I had to take some example photos to show them how it's done

The first one is a slow shutter speed utilising natural lighting... the second one is a fast shutter speed utilising the flash

Hybrid frangipani in the garden of St. James parish church

Living accomodation in "remote" areas of Barbados (the places where only hikers go... you want to go hiking with me ?)

Violet and Red.... colors do not reproduce properly on some cameras and LCD screens... CAREFUL exposure setting (manually UNDEREXPOSE) is required to reveal texture in a "color blob".... FOCUS and depth-of-field is also important (may have to be manual focus).... people who wear glasses and/or have bad eyes usually have difficulty with manual focus.... but I always try an make sure you are properly taught at Stephen Mendes "school of photography" !

The beautiful hills of Barbados enveloped in misty rain

This may be my best photo yet of the beautiful "crown" spider... isn't he adorable ?

Click HERE for Flick Hi-Def Showcase.... "thru the years" slideshow of the Barbados Photo Gallery.... please note this is a "work in progress" and it will take some time to transfer all the photos (there are about 150 of them) in this album

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