October Photos

First of all, I start off with a beautiful sunrise and sunsets... you cannot take photos like these with a cheap, automatic camera.... so if you are a tourist, do yourself a favor and buy a decent camera that either has a built-in sunset program OR better yet, suports exposure compensation (or best of all, allows for complete manual settings of shutter speed and aperture):

Now to the bajan life, with humans and animals, first we have Kimani and his pet monkey, then a professional model and finally some boys washing my wife's car:

More photos from the SPISE 2012 program, Professor Cardinal Warde presenting awards, the electronics projects that my students built, the students caught in a memorable situation during their jungle hike.

An interesting flower, a ripe "fat-pork" on Chalky Mount and another collapsed road in St. Andrew parish:

A beautiful stretch of beach on the South Coast:

This is Sandy Beach and it is CLOSED to bathing when the sluice gate is opened to permit exchange between the Graeme Hall Swamp (Nature Sanctuary) and the ocean (see ancient photos HERE).... this is necessary for the preservation of the mangrove swamp.... this is a World Heritage Ecosystem, please go HERE for recent photos of this AMAZING swamp.

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