HARRISONS CAVE and other photos

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Harrisons Cave is the prime tourist attraction when it comes to caves.... this cave has been carefully "prepared", unlike the "wild" caves I have featured on this site before

Woodstock Road, Spooners Hill, St. Michael..... dedicated to my friend Ivan... who I could never forget

Long Gap, Spooners Hill, St. Michael..... dedicated to my friend Emmerson.... your granny gave me your news, but send me an email nah

The Bajan Bus Stop.... just for those who have forgotten what it was like

They finally finished the highway through Constant, St. George..... it goes right past St. George Secondary

We went exploring Salters, St. George..... and the irrigation project caught my fancy... because of the modern pump sitting right in the middle of the crumbling windmill tower

The new Cheffette restaurant located at Charles Rowe bridge

The undeveloped lands at Lower Estate and the industrial complex nearby

The narrow roads of Carrington Village, with houses close together, is typical of housing areas near the City... where space is limited and population density is at maximum

Chicken Farms.... Bajans eat chicken morning, noon and nite... the first one is out at Coral Ridge and the second one is at Salters... and there are plenty more in St. Lucy


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