December Photos

First of all, I start off with a beautiful sunset... you cannot take photos like this with a cheap, automatic camera.... so if you are a tourist, do yourself a favor and buy a decent camera that either has a built-in sunset program OR better yet, suports exposure compensation (or best of all, allows for complete manual settings of shutter speed and aperture)... and if you are a local, then attend my photography classes:

These photos were taken at night to show you the beautiful lights on the buildings (at this time of year):

Now to the bajan life, I took the West Indies Female Cricket Team on an endurance hike:

More hiking photos, these were taken by the hikers themselves and include me in the photo, first the ISCF student campers and second, a tourist hike

The view from St. Simons, followed by two photos of a car that tried to climb a tree:

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