Barbados Photo Gallery - October 2013 photos

Photos added 23 October 2013:

Photos from our recent Coles Cave Expedition on 10 Oct 2013:

Photos added 7 October 2013:

A giant caterpillar:

Barbados NEW MONEY... use of it is not widespread as yet, although a few bills are popping up here and there

A sea turtle nesting on the beach next to the boardwalk... and some baby turtles in a bucket... the sea turtle protection officer refused to let anybody use a flash for photos because the light would cause the mother to abort her laying and cause the babies to go into a frenzy.... the officer shone a red light into the bucket for me (their eyes cannot see red).... and I photographed the mother on a long time exposure (the colors in the image come from street lights mixed with the artificial lighting from nearby properties along the boardwalk):

A giant delta-wing moth and a transparent geko:

A jungle sunset and my wife cute cat that likes to curl up in boxes:

Through the telescope....

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