June Photos

Our School of Photography is now in session... classes started May 17, as advertised... so this month I bring you my "example" photos from the first two practical sessions

Our first field-trip was to the Boardwalk... and you can see my students photos on our Facebook page... but the real purpose of the trip was to master the "art" of photographing water

While on the boardwalk it got dark.... and I took these beautiful moonlight photos

and this photo by the Tapas restaurant... I call it "Firebird escapes the Cauldron" (because that's what it means to me)

This week our practical session was all about "table top creations".... and my example exhibit this year, "Cliffs of Barbados coastline"... the student creations are on our Facebook page

Finally, here are some unusual nature photos that I took during my recent hiking expeditions

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