Barbados Photo Gallery - July 2013 photos

These photos were taken with my (recently purchased) Nikon Coolpix AW-100, I am sure you will like them.... in keeping with my new "look" they are all offered at HD resolution.... I will do a review on this camera in the near future

These added 25 Jul 2013:

A lizard with an unusual color, I caught in my house very early in the morning (taken with Nikon D200, because the Coolpix AW-100 would not focus properly on such a small object)

The beautiful beach behind the slowly decaying Almond Beach Village property, victim of the current economic recession, in the distance the cement plant continues to pollute both our air and sea

DOVER BEACH is now dominated by super-size hotels and condos and it would appear that the last stretch of "woods" is about to be cleared for yet another massive condo project... I have said before that Bajans have no respect for jungles, swamps and woods.... they will not stop till every square inch is covered with concrete jungle... but what can I do about it ?

The SPISE (Student Program for Innovation in Sciene and Engineering) students for 2013, I am their instructor for Electronics, only one of them is Bajan

These added 15 Jul 2013:

Barbados into Super-Sizing all it's buildings right about now !
The new "Baobab Towers" (outcry over the possible destruction of ancient baobab tree caused the developers to make the tree a feature of the property... hence the name)... it's government offices (part of the 400 million problem ?)

next to it is the not-so-new First Caribbean bank headquarters

For Contrast: Small luxury townhouses... sold at a high price... and lavishly furnished... basically, a Comfortable Coop

and across the street, the recently opened Cost U Less (may be the perception that they want to create but some things actually cost U more)

next to them, Chefette fast-food chain building one of their biggest "outlets"....

H & B Hardware was not content with their store size either... they are now finishing this MegaMonster opposite the SuperCentre complex

Towers in Warrens.... there is no going back to the Beautiful Barbados of my youth... the Metropolis expands and consumes everything in sight

Al Barrack's Monstrosity in Warrens... will he ever get paid in full ?... what do you think ?

The store that started the warehouse shopping craze... when the other one opened everybody ran up there but after they found some things cost U more they came back... so I guess they were just being Price Smart .. the gloom and doom maybe in the popular paper, but visit either of these stores on a Saturday morning and you will see Bajans Buying Bigtime

Port Ferdinand is a huge block of luxury apartments for the ultra rich.... personally I could NOT live in an apartment complex no matter how palatial it might be... but to each his own, nuff said

Meanwhile the once prestigious Almond Beach all-inclusive Resort become a scene of DECAY.... buildings come and buildings go.... such is the ways of man upon the earth

This monster is being built at Haggatt Hall between Emanicaption Roundabout and Norman Niles Roundabout

These photos below added 10 July 2013:

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